Zeynep Toraman
composition | film music | theory
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An emotional rollercoaster just for you [bass clarinet, electric guitar, violin, viola, cello and electronics] | 2018  
Premiered by Distractfold Ensemble in Cambridge, MA

This piece presents one of my first attempts to work with direct musical quotations. The counterpointal writing  in the middle of the piece, very loosely based on a shot passage from Bach (from the short G minor minuet), although muted, serves as the piece’s climactic moment. In my reworking of this fragment, I tried to discover an entire universe from within its traces: I was interested in building a narrative that is simple yet containing multitudes — a straightforward but obscured plot. The beginning and the end fell into place around this  moment, frozen in time and out of focus, almost too-large to be fully grasped. And the hyperreal stitched-togetherness of it all come together to isolate moments of proximity/intimacy/immediacy.






- Oruç Aruoba