Zeynep Toraman
composition | film music | theory
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(II.) Veils [soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, percussion] | 2021
    Written for TAK Ensemble

Unveiling does not consist in removing an obstacle, taking away a decoration, drawing aside a blanket under which lies the naked thing, but in following patiently and with respectful diplomacy the delicate disposition of the veils, zones, neighboring spaces, the depth of the pile, the talweg of their seams and in displaying them when possible, like a peacock’s tail or a lace skirt. (Serres, 82)

Recorded by David Bird at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music
Mix and Mastering by Murat Çolak
Video by Laura Cocks and David Bird


Trim November light rakes across the fields,
Veils itself within a…
Its calm ruffled by a light breeze. (Digenis Akritis)
Never a glimpse of unplumbed depths. (Auerbach, Mimesis)