Zeynep Toraman
composition | film music | theory
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mountains move like clouds [solo percussion and electronics] | 2019  
Written for and Premiered by  Noam Bierstone in Montreal, Canada

Jalal Toufic asks: “Who would be the best sound designer for a film on Francis Bacon’s work, in whose paintings one often encounters an absence of the ear(s), through the absence a part of the head, etc.?” (Forthcoming, 107)

Thus the ears shifts from being the locator and perceiver of worldly sounds into a place where unworldly sounds are to be found. This work captures fleeting sounds, the buzzing of snares, the randomly emerging squeaks and the vibration of the skin, and feeds them back into the bodies of the instruments. The performer is then situated in this self-reflexive, self-feeding universe, in which electronic sounds function both as an uncanny doubling and as a paratext. In this universe, musical material occurs and recurs both in repetition and in variation: cells make and remake themselves, until they are forgone, but never decomposing.

With many thanks to Noam.